Executive Members of Students for Machine Learning in Business


Adam Carscadden

A photo of Adam Carscadden

Meet the founder and president of SMLB, Adam Carscadden! Adam is in his third year of a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in math and physics. Adam founded SMLB in fall 2020 after a summer research position during which he got experience designing a machine-learning algorithm to analyze images of the heart. Excited about the possibilities offered by ML, Adam wanted a place where people from all different academic backgrounds could explore machine-learning in business settings. Adam is also involved in AlbertaSat, where he is a member of the Northern SPIRIT systems engineering team, helping to ensure all systems of two different 2U cubesats are ready for launch in Spring 2022!

Vice President & treasurer

Graham McCabe

A photo of Graham McCabe

Meet Graham McCabe, the Vice President and Treasurer of SMLB. Currently in his first year of business after 2 years of food science, Graham joined SMLB in fall 2020, due to his interest in the practical applications of ML in business. Graham is developing his coding knowledge and experience through this club and encourages everyone to get started with ML in a supportive learning environment like SMLB.

director of programming

Shaishav Shah

A photo of Shaishav Shah

Say hello to Shaishav Shah, a natural problem solver! Shaishav is an undergraduate majoring in Computing Science while pursuing a business minor. Being passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence, Shaishav has implemented ML pragmatically in several projects and hackathons. Alongside this, Shaishav’s interest lies in finance and entrepreneurship. Thus, SMLB, being a combination of both his interests, was a perfect fit for him! In his role of Director of Programming, he aims to grow SMLB into a networking opportunity while assisting with the development of challenges and activities!

director of events

Amaris Leusink

A photo of Amaris Leusink

Meet our Director of Events, Amaris Leusink! Amaris is in her second year of a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in business technology management (BTM). As a BTM major, she is interested in the applications of technology in the business world. She is excited to be able to help plan and run events so that you can learn more about ML in business!

director of communications

Jazlynn Steinbach

A photo of Jazlynn Steinbach

Meet Jazlynn, Director of Communications for SMLB. As a student in the Arts, Jazlynn is new to the world of ML, and is curious about its interdisciplinary applications. She believes ML is something everyone should learn, which is why she was enthusiastic to join SMLB. Her goal as Director of Communications is to spread the word about SMLB, and to inspire students from all faculties to learn about ML!

director of data science

Adit Rada

A photo of Adit Rada

Get to know Adit, an undergraduate in Computer Science. He loves tech and math; this of course means he has a very keen interest in Machine Learning and especially Deep Learning. He has participated in several ML challenges and completed various projects. He also loves teaching and has a YouTube channel where he tries to make Math more intuitive. He will be interning at Google in summer 2021!